[FREE SHIPPING] RX Compression Stockings

[FREE SHIPPING] RX Compression Stockings



Get any of these Made in Taiwan RX Compression Stockings shipped right to your doorsteps for FREE.

RX Daily Wear 365 Compression Stockings are ideal for:

  • People who stands or sits for long period of time
  • Pregnant women
  • Long distance drivers
  • Joggers
  • Travellers


All RX Compression Stockings come with:

  • Extra-wide cuff to prevent skin Abrasion
  • 3D toe heel design with extra room for comfort
  • Strengthened tensile for durability
  • 83.2% micro Nylon
  • 12.3% Spandex (Lycra®)
  • 4.5% Polyester


The Daily Wear 365 creates graduated compression to help muscle put the blood flow back to pivot circulation system and reduce fluid pressure on feet.

  • Support muscle and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid
  • Ease suffering pressure from feet
  • Reduce swollen, painful, edema and tired legs
  • Make you feel light of your feet

Carepop.my works with local pharmacies to provide genuine and quality healthcare products at affordable price to the public. We are currently at pre-launch stage and are still improving our webstore. To compensate for your inconvenience, pls enjoy a 5% OFF your first order from us (no minimal purchase)

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