Social Media Marketing Audit

Social Media Marketing Audit

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If you been spending ZERO marketing spend, we’d recommend you to skip this. We won’t be able to help.

If you have marketing personnel/agencies, have been spending on social media marketing, we might be relevant. Hear us out.

We developed CatJira from our own frustrations as digital marketers, social media marketers, brand owners, as well as brand managers.

The scariest part about any form of marketing is attributing it to sales performance because ultimately sales pays for all the bills a company would have. While there are multiple tools in the market, we developed CatJira for those who have been in our position where we wanted to know more than just cost per click and cost per lead because, cost per sales is what matters.

What we found was most tools in the market caters mainly towards vanity metrics – about likes, comments and shares – and this is where we come in, audience and content analysis.

We help marketers like you to better understand your audience so you would be able to move forward with improvement actions, rather than just having another report as paperweight on the table.


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